However you are feeling right now, a personalised programme of holistic therapies & healing arts will empower you to release or better manage whatever is having a negative impact upon your happiness & health.

With love and light from Lucy:

​As a Family Celebrant & Wellbeing Practitioner, the lights which guide me to guide you are your happiness, your health & your healing. As I help you, I draw upon both my natural empathy & my zest for life. My clients tell me they feel my presence to be both calming & uplifting.

I will sensitively support you & warmly hold the space for you, as you celebrate the life of your loved one at a funeral ceremony, as you share your loving vows upon your wedding ceremony, or as you honour your child at your naming ceremony.  

I also help my private, corporate & school clients to create happiness, health & healing  for themselves, via Reiki, Massage, Yoga & Meditation. 

Funeral Ceremonies

​I will gently advise you & support you, as I create a funeral ceremony which truly enshrines the unique character and life of your loved one. With warmth & sincerity, I will deliver this ceremony for you. 

Upon your wedding, naming or family blending ceremony, I will guide you to discover the perfect words to share with your loved ones, characterised by your individual personalities and deepest happiness.