On Site Massage
Yoga is far more than a physical practice: it is a moving meditation which clears & refocuses the mind even as it strengthens & detoxifies the body. It is extremely effective at combating stress.


Mindfulness & Meditation ​​

Mindfulness & Meditation are powerful tools for dissolving stress, which can seriously compromise the effectiveness of your team. Techniques allow us to both focus & clear our minds so that we remain at the top of our game.
Performed through clothing, without oil, On Site Massage works on the upper back, shoulders, neck & head to target the areas where tension & pain accumulate as a result of computer work.
Corporate  Wellness Workshops

Tailored to fit the values & character of your company & the key projects you are currently accelerating, Wellbeing Workshops by The Light Lodge are ideal for carving out time dedicated to the health & happiness of your team.

For maximum impact, I will design your workshop according to my tested RELEASE-RESTORE-REVIVE formula: 

* RELEASE gets your team moving to release stress stored in their bodies, for example with Desk Yoga 

* RESTORE teaches your team Breath Work so that they learn how to tap into this powerful mind-body tool 

* REVIVEguides your team through exercises in Mindfulness & Meditation, allowing them to connect to an empowering state of calmness, clarity & confidence

Corporate Wellbeing

Reward & revitalise your team with Wellbeing Workshops, On Site Massage, Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation

5 reasons to invest in Corporate Wellbeing:

* Promotes positive energy 
* Motivates & rewards your team 

* Boosts morale, focus & productivity 
* Improves mental & physical health
* Decreases absenteeism due to stress-related conditions