Promoting health & happiness in your workplace will have a hugely positive impact upon the morale, motivation & productivity of your team. Treat them to massage, yoga or meditation today. 
Therapy Tent

Serene & rich with rustic luxury, The Light Lodge pops up at festivals to bring yoga, holistic therapies & healing arts to revive revellers of every persuasion!

Outdoor or Indoor Therapies

The Enjoy your treatment in the private gazebo of the Healing Garden, or in the Light Lodge Therapy Room. Escape the busyness & sterility of the high street to experience a rural sanctuary.
​​Personalised Happiness, Health & Healing Programmes

I help my clients to manage mental & physical 'dis-eases' such as depression, stress, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, low self-esteem, eating disorders, back pain, neck pain, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, sciatica & asthma. I also help those who are working with cancer & Parkinson's Disease. Whether it is a mental or physical condition which is affecting your happiness & your health, I will create a personalised programme for you. This will include all or some of the therapies I practice, from Reiki & Massage to Yoga & Meditation.
With love and light from Lucy, Founder of The Light Lodge...

​I help people to feel happier, to be healthier & to experience a sense of healing. It is my mission to make a genuine difference to my clients through Yoga, Reiki & Massage Therapy, as I continue to be inspired by the powerful connection between our minds, our bodies & our spirits. ​If you would like to find relief from whatever is causing you unhappiness or affecting your health, it will be my honour to help you.