Phase Three: Revive

Thirdly you will receive energy balancing via Reiki, which works to clear any blockages in your energetic body so that health and happiness can flow through.

Gift Vouchers

Treat your special someone to the gift of wellbeing.

Your recipient can decide exactly which therapy is right for them.

All therapies - Healing Journey, Massage, Reiki & Yoga - are priced equally, so you can simply buy a voucher for your desired duration.

Any one hour therapy - £70.00

Any 90 mins therapy - £100.00

Any 2 hours therapy - £130.00

Please contact Lucy to order; you can receive a voucher in the post, to be signed by you, or an e-voucher for home printing.

Second, Third & Fourth Cycles

Following one full mind-body-spirit cycle, we will begin a fresh cycle which will build upon the teachings and insights of the former cycle. In this way, you experience a journey which will allow you to access deeper layers of self-discovery and transformative levels of health, happiness and healing. 

Phase One: Release

First we will empower you to release stress, anxiety and negative thoughts using calming breath work, yoga poses or gentle movement and guided meditation.

Release-Restore-Revive: Packages

My experience in working with people to help them to feel happier, be healthier & experience healing has led me to create a Release-Restore-Revive formula. This is a unique cycle which tends to the intimately connected needs of your mind, body & spirit whilst allowing you to access deeper levels of wellness with each phase.


Package Prices

Three-Phase Package: 3 sessions for £200 (save £10)

Three-Phase with Second Cycle: 6 sessions for £400 (save £20) 

Three-Phase with Third Cycle: 9 sessions for £600 (save £30)

Three-Phase with Fourth Cycle: 12 sessions for £800 (save £40)

Phase Two: Restore

Secondly you will enjoy an indulgent massage blending Swedish, Indian and Thai techniques, which will cleanse your whole system, rejuvenate your face and relieve muscular tension.