Wellbeing for Staff
& Students of all ages

Nurture your learners & teachers with Wellbeing Workshops, Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, On-Site Massage & Massage Workshops

​* Teach self-care tools which will serve your learners for life 
* Highlight wellbeing to foster balanced individuals 

* Boost pupils' self-esteem, calmness & concentration
* Create open dialogue around mental health & related issues
* Decrease absenteeism due to     stress-related conditions

* Help students to cope with
exam stress

Wellbeing Workshops for Schools

Tailored to fit the values & character of your school at key points of the academic year, Wellbeing Workshops will introduce students & staff to powerful tools for self-care & stress-management.

For maximum impact, I can design workshops for your school according to my proven RELEASE-RESTORE-REVIVE formula: 

* RELEASE gets everyone moving to release physical stress stored, for example with Desk Yoga or mat-based stretches

* RESTORE teaches Breath Work for your groups to experience & master this powerful mind-body tool 

* REVIVE  guides your groups through exercises in Mindfulness & Meditation, allowing them to connect to  calmness, clarity & confidence

Mindfulness & Meditation are powerful tools for dissolving stress, which  seriously compromises the potential of your students & staff. Techniques allow us to clear & focus our minds so that we feel calm, confident & centered.
On Site Massage & Massage Workshops


Schools & Youth Groups entrusted by The Light Lodge:

"In communication with Lucy, she filmed yoga and meditation classes from her home to be made available for our students. Lucy carried these out with her usual professionalism and her warm, friendly persona emanated through the screen! We were grateful that Lucy tailored the six classes to compliment our wellbeing programme." Amanda Whybro, teacher at Guildford High School

"Lucy's positive energy and rapport with the girls made this a really enjoyable, relaxing yet informative massage workshop. The girls were able to practice new techniques and receive a massage from their peers. Thank you, Lucy, for a fantastic experience." Keely Harper, teacher at Guildford High School

"I have to say I was somewhat apprehensive that our troop of 25 brilliantly lively (and noisy) brownies would be still for a 30 minute yoga session. They were. They loved it. And that was entirely because Lucy was so fantastic.  

Lucy’s calmness and obvious passion for the subject was contagious. To see 25 Brownies learning techniques on how to be still was truly an inspiration. Lucy’s calm, meditative style acted as a tonic to what is normally a hectic environment. The girls loved it and so did the leaders. I wholeheartedly recommend her to groups looking to teach their young folk mindfulness."

Zoe Evans, Brown Owl at Brockham Brownies



Mindfulness &
Meditation ​​

Yoga is far more than a physical practice: it is a moving meditation which clears & refocuses the mind even as it strengthens & detoxifies the body. It is extremely effective at combating stress.
Performed through clothing, without oil, On Site Massage works on the upper back, shoulders, neck & head to target the areas where tension & pain accumulate as a result of desk work.