Yin Yang Tarot Experience 

Yin Yang Tarot is a unique, holistic experience, intuitively created for you in the moment by Lucy and Francisco. Beginning with a Tarot Reading, we will then draw upon a variety of healing and psychic arts such as Palmistry, Channeling, Past Life Exploration, Guided Visualisaion, Energetic Assessment, Energy Balancing, Massage, Reiki, Yoga Therapy & more...


Yin Yang Tarot is a unique, holistic experience created by Lucy & Francisco, which draws upon a variety of healing and psychic arts.

Anchored in the ancient wisdom of the Tarot, a reading begins your journey of self-discovery and transformation. The Tarot is our starting point because it gives us a meaningful insight into where you are in your life right now, what you may need to heal, where you are seeking to develop yourself and so on.

Guided by this knowledge, Lucy and Francisco will then work intuitively together, bringing complimentary elements into your experience according to your individual needs. Palmistry, channeling, past life exploration, aura reading, energetic assessment, energy balancing, hands-on healing, Reiki, bodywork, yoga therapy & guided meditation are some of the elements your experience may include.

We are not fortune tellers, and this is no ordinary Tarot reading!

We are here to offer a grounding, balancing and empowering experience which is tailored entirely to you.

Contact Lucy to book your experience, which can take place at The Light Lodge Therapy Room in Buckland, Surrey, or at your home or chosen venue.