​​Personalised Happiness, Health & Healing Programmes

I help my clients to manage mental & physical 'dis-eases' such as depression, stress, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, low self-esteem, eating disorders, back pain, neck pain, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, sciatica & asthma. I also help those who are working with cancer & Parkinson's Disease. Whether it is a mental or physical condition which is affecting your happiness & your health, I will create a personalised programme for you. This will include all or some of the therapies I practice, from Reiki & Massage to Yoga & Meditation.
​​​​Holistic Massage Therapies 

Whether you are seeking deep relaxation or renewed wellness, I will tailor the right therapy to your individual needs.
Feel free to combine any of the following therapies to create your own treatment... 

 Any 1 hour Massage - £80
Any 90 mins Massage - £120
Any 2 hours Massage - £160

Bundle of 3 x 1 hour Massages - £200 

Add 30 mins Reiki - £30
Add 30 mins Intuitive Tarot - £20 

For home visits and corporate massage packages, please contact me for a quote.

​​​Holistic Swedish Massage 

Blissful, soothing & indulgent. This full-body massage will leave you with a profound sense of calm & wellbeing. A variety of Western massage techniques are applied with aromatic oil to ease muscular tension, encourage detoxification, improve skin tone & deeply relax both the mind & the body.

​​Indian Head Massage

Invigorating, de-stressing & uplifting. Indian Head Massage works on the upper back, shoulders, neck, head, scalp & face to condition the hair, focus the mind & revitalise the whole body. Emerge peaceful yet energized.

​​​Thai Foot Massage


Stimulating, detoxifying & dynamic. Thai Foot Massage mixes Shiatsu, Reflexology, Chinese massage & Yoga. Hands-on stretching of the legs & massage of the feet & legs to relieve pain, dissolve stress & promote overall health.  

Fusion Massage

Fusing Western & Eastern massage techniques for a uniquely divine experience. Progressing from a firm back massage to Thai movements on the legs, feet & hands, followed by work on the arms, shoulders, neck, scalp & face in the Indian tradition. This Fusion Therapy rejuvenates the body & uplifts the mind. 

​​Goddess Express

A firm Swedish massage of the upper back, shoulders & neck leads into a lifting Ayurvedic facial using organic rose water & rose oil. Indian Head Massage is incorporated next, finishing with an energizing Thai Foot Massage. Revive your inner Goddess with this highly effective & indulgent treatment! 

​​Thai Yoga Massage

Combining applied Yoga stretches with Accupressure, this powerful healing therapy is known as the “physical application of loving kindness.” By freeing the flow of vital energy in the body, Thai Yoga Massage can have a profoundly positive effect upon both mental & physical health for up to days afterwards. 

​Yoga Therapy

Enjoy a one-to-one yoga class with the benefit of blissful hands-on assists to introduce you to or reacquaint you with the wonders of a practice where your body, mind and spirit are fully aligned. Following your practice and guided relaxation, enjoy a grounding foot massage, a heavenly head massage and Reiki energy work for a uniquely rejuvenating experience.

​​Natural Face Lift Massage

Experience the healthy, holistic alternative to Botox & Dermal Fillers. This therapy combines Accupressure, Indian Head Massage, Ayurvedic Massage & Facial Yoga to remarkable effect. Notice a visible improvement to the appearance, tone & texture of your skin: wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles or puffiness may be reduced, whilst you will feel wholly rejuvenated. A balancing foot massage completes this highly relaxing head-to-toe therapy. 

​​Renewing Rose Facial

Beginning with a refreshing cleansing of the face & neck with organic rosewater, this facial progresses to a highly specialised series of facial massage moves which tone & lift the face. A beautfying & renewing blend of rose oil deeply nourishes & smoothes the skin. Indian Head Massage can be incorporated, to nourish the hair & melt away any stress or tension, as well as reflexology work on the feet, to help you to feel grounded & utterly pampered. 

​Reiki Massage

A blissful full-body massage which incorporates Reiki energy work to direct healing where it is most needed, bringing mind, body & spirit back into harmony.​​