Part Two: Rest

Secondly you will be guided in a beautiful meditation, created intuitively for you following the guidance of your reading. Simply rest & listen, allowing your mind & spirit to discover a place of peace you can then return to whenever you choose.

Part One: Reflect

Your journey begins with a reading led by The Wildwood Tarot, benevolent divination cards which will help to illuminate your current situation as you gain a powerful perspective. 

Holistic Healing Journey

My experience in working with people to help them to feel happier, be healthier & experience healing has led me to offer bespoke Healing Journeys.

Whether you are working with depression, feeling low or imbalanced, or seeking healing after a stressful time or traumatic event, I will work sensitively & intuitively with you along your journey.


1 hour Healing Journey - £60

90 mins Healing Journey - £90 

Part Three: Rejuvenate

Last you will receive energy balancing via Reiki, which works to clear any blockages in your energetic body so that health and happiness can flow through, thus sealing this healing.