Diverse Ceremonies
For All

I will create a heartfelt ceremony for you both, which joyfully celebrates all that you are. From LGBTQ+ weddings, to mixed faith weddings, to second weddings which blend families, my role is to support you to express your deepest happiness. 

There are no rules or requirements with a ceremony led by myself, as an independent celebrant. Your individual natures, your unique stories & your wild imaginations will be my guiding lights!

Professional Wedding Ceremonies

As your Wedding Celebrant, I inspire, advise & support you, as well as write & deliver your ceremony on the day. You will plan your ceremony logistics, such as booking your venue or choosing your caterer with your Wedding Planner.

I will:
* Meet you to discuss your wishes, suggest ideas & get to know you
* Guide your selection of special ceremony elements & custom elements * Write a draft of your ceremony
* Visit & liaise with your venue
* Meet you again to modify draft
* Write your final ceremony
* Practice your ceremony with you
* Officiate your ceremony on the day * Be available for photographs
* Create a ceremony  keepsake copy
* Be in contact with you throughout


 Magical Ceremonies & Unforgettable Celebrations

I will create a wedding ceremony, vow renewal ceremony, naming ceremony or family blending ceremony for you, which truly reflects your personalities & brings joy to all present. Your characters, stories, beliefs & tastes will colour & set the tone of your service. You can choose to blend elements from different faiths; traditions from diverse cultures & eras; laughter & sincerity; silliness & spirituality; jokes & prayers; stories & poems; music & moments of reflection. 

Whether you wish to embrace a unique theme in the company of all of your family & friends, or to exchange intimate vows in a special location, your wish is my command!

My role is to support you in your process as I make inspiring suggestions, then to write, curate & deliver your ceremony on the day. Whether you choose a ceremony at a venue, a festival-style ceremony, an outdoor ceremony, or a ceremony at home, I will bring my eloquence, empathy & uplifting presence.

My experience as a Wellbeing Practitioner enables me to be able to support you, as you work with your emotions. I am also a former journalist & published poet, so I can promise that your ceremony will be meticulously researched & beautifully expressed. To honour your love, I will write the perfect story & even compose bespoke poems, vows or promises for you, if you wish. 

I will guide & reassure you at each step, so that you can relax & enjoy every moment. 

Personalised Naming Ceremonies

For your naming ceremony, I am here to ensure that the lives & characters of your child & family are expressed & celebrated with authenticity & delight.

You may wish to entrust Life Mentors for your child, with these people being formally welcomed into your family, along with siblings & grandparents.

I can help you all to find the perfect words to express the promises you wish to make to your precious child, as they begin their journey of life.