Your journey into wellness begins with a face-to-face consultation with me, so that you can tell me exactly what your needs are & how you would like to feel as a result of your programme.

Your personalised programme will include a sensitively tailored combination of all or some of the holistic therapies & healing arts I practice, from Massage & Reiki to Yoga & Meditation. Daily Rituals, Wellness Coaching, Nutritional Therapy, Nature Initiations & more may also be incorporated into your programme if you are open to these elements.

Your personalised programme will be a truly meaningful investment in yourself. It will be scheduled for your chosen duration of time, whether that is a weekend or week-long retreat, regular sessions over the course of several weeks or months, or a mind, body & spirit revival which is mapped out over the course of a year.

The inspiring options for your personalised programme are flexible & the potential for self-transformation is huge.

Get in touch with me today to take the first step of your journey into happiness, health & healing.


Personalised Programmes by The Light Lodge are created for you, to bring deeper happiness, better health & a sense of healing into your life, however you are feeling right now & whatever your situation is.